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                                                               How to lose a guy
    New York is a vibrant city with millions of people. So is there any chance that you will meet the love of your life in this huge crowd?  You can never tell. However, what is known for sure is that love will appear in your life unexpectedly, just like it happened in this story.
  Kate was a kind of woman that everyone can only be jealous of. Elegant and immaculately groomed she was always in the center of attention. What’s more important, she was gregarious, easy-going and had a good sense of humor. So whoever met her was captivated by her charisma and took to her immediately. However, Kate’s life wasn’t as perfect as it might have seemed on the surface. She worked as a journalist and wrote her own column in a famous women’s magazine. The job was good but it didn’t give Kate a chance to show her real potential. Instead of writing trivial things she wanted to give covering political stories a go. However, she had to come to terms with her boss, who didn’t allow her to write what she wanted.  
  The only thing that cheered Kate up was her friend Jennie. They had known each other for years and formed a lasting friendship. When something bad happened, they always supported each other. Jennie was an attractive young woman too but she wasn’t very lucky in relationships and always got dumped. When Kate came to her that time and saw her face in tears she understood what had happened right away.  


    After Kate’s boss approved her idea, Jennie and Kate went to a party to find a guy. By pure chance Kate found an ideal candidate - Ben. He had a striking appearance. Ben was well-built and handsome, with blonde hair and blue eyes. It was definitely Kate’s type. She came to him and started chat him up, and at the end of the party he asked her out on a date.
  That’s how their relationship started. At first all was perfect but then Kate became a real pain in the neck. Sometimes she was aloof, sometimes quarrelsome; she started to do everything to fall out with Ben. He couldn’t bear a grudge for a long time and always tried to make it up with Kate, because he was crazy about her. Finally, he decided to have a straight talk with her. 

      After few days, Ben saw a new issue of the magazine where Kate’s column was written. He decided to read it. When he opened a magazine and saw the lines: «When I started writing this month’s column, I wanted to commit those certain, silly dating mistakes. What I didn’t realize was that I was making the biggest mistake of all... I lost the only guy I’ve ever fallen for… The days that I spent with him were the best in my life…» Ben understood that Kate’s feelings were sincere too.
     So Ben went to Kate to reconcile with her one more time and be with her for good.

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